Table 1

 Prevalence of publications with an empirical research design published per year in each journal, in absolute numbers and as a percentage of total

JournalYearTotalTotal %
NA, not applicable
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (starts in 1992)NANA132126023133275.6
Hastings Center Report0111001100000050.9
Journal of Clinical Ethics45411654139797549315.4
Journal of Medical Ethics214566131110151514121412816.8
Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal (starts in 1991)NA010010000100031
Nursing Ethics (starts in 1994)NANANANA38111112171416262714539.5
Christian Bioethics (starts in 1995)NANANANANA00000000000
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics01021100020032123.2
Total %