Table 5

Comments from scenario 3: transfer of patient data to external disease register you believe that there could be...that certain general practices would have the right to opt out? ... Where the central body can say ‘No, no that’s part of your agreement. You’re GP in that area and we need this information—to have it everywhere. No opting out mate, that’s part of what we are paying you for.’ ...for the services to be planned...the database would have to be a full database. We couldn’t say have half a dozen people saying ‘No. I won’t fill in that. We don’t want to be part of that’, when there are people really being affected.
RDM1:If the final conclusions are proved to be wrong, and it’s proved to be wrong because that 10% didn’t partake in the final thing we’ve got to admit that and then as individuals say, ‘Forget consent’. But at this moment I think consent has got to be there.
RDF5:Strong words to use but it’s a bit like human rights isn’t it? It’s your right not to let that information go into other hands. There’s very few things we’ve got control over and that should be one area that you do have a choice.