Table 4

Comments from scenario 2: transfer of patient names and addresses to external research team

RAM3:So presumably the researchers then have got no way of knowing anything else other than a name. So they have got to presumably waste time and money writing to everybody on the list although people below a certain age and above a certain age, perhaps are not really going to be part of the study anyway.
UAF5:I would hate the thought of say half a dozen people, researchers looking and going through the notes and saying ‘Have you seen this one, wow!’... People especially going back to mental health problems because people are very sympathetic towards any physical problems but often times, when it comes to mental health problems they see it as a huge joke.
UDM3:Everything is done on computer nowadays and computers can be hacked. I mean if it’s on a piece of paper in somebody’s office that’s generally where it stays. But it’s not that way anymore.
UAF4:Because once you come out of the realms of confidentiality of the doctor, you accept or you hope you have got the confidentiality with your doctor, but once it’s out in a wider thing, it’s not is it. Nobody owes the same allegiance to you as the doctor-patient.