Table 3

Comments from scenario 1: single GP reviewing own practice records

UAF2:Well, personally I would like to have had the opportunity. I would probably say ‘yes’. I would still like the common courtesy of being asked if I was willing for that to happen.
UAF5:I’m like you—I think that would have to be a must to be asked
UAF4:But they’ve got your records and they can look at them any time, so why would it be of any concern to you?
UAF5:In as much as research—and they could be using those records within their research and other people are looking at them.
UAF4:But it says here your own doctor is going to be looking. So anytime that he can look in your records and see what you’ve had.
UAF5:Yes, but that’s you own doctor, that’s not any one else involved
UAF4:But it says, it says here your own family doctor has decided to look at your medical records.
UAF2:But you should expect still common courtesy from our family doctor.
UAF4:Well he doesn’t look at—ask you every time he wants to look up your records. He doesn’t ring you up and say “I’m going to get your file out today...” and ask you, does he? I mean!
RDF5:Maybe it would affect...the results, perhaps how they communicated things to doctors...they would withhold some or say there were more, so I think in some instances it could affect results.
UAM5:I worry when its published because once something is in the public domain...I mean you often see in the papers there will be some pilot study or something that’s been grabbed out and sort of put in the papers and you sort of open the paper one day and hidden—people might think “Oh!” You know, it sews a certain mistrust and they think “oh hang on, I didn’t think this was going on”.