Table 2

Research in primary care

U/R, urban/rural; A/D, affluent/deprived; M/F, male/female.
UDM2:Is that the job of a family doctor would be my concern...I’m not sure technically it should be your family doctor in isolation, working alone, would be the right way to do it. There are research bodies, hospitals and universities and things like that. I would have thought personally that would have been a better place to do the research...rather than the family doctor himself who would appear to be under great pressure to just do the family doctoring.
RDM2:The only concern I would have is if the practice was doing too much research because it was getting the loss of patient care.
UDM1:I’d like to be informed if they are going to dwell into our medical ... records. Because sometimes doctors...not only work as a doctor they work in medical schools as well, they go to the hospitals to work. And if they are using our records for some reason or another it would be nice to be consulted.