Table 1

 Main protocol related features (therapy areas, development phase of the experimental product) and hospitals in which multicentre trials (MCT) (n = 24) were to be performed

*Number of protocols, development phase and hospital per category.
†Two of them for new indications of a marketed product, and a third with a new formulation.
‡This figure includes six speciality hospitals, two for oncology, and one for paediatrics, urology, psychiatry, and spine cord injuries.
Protocol by therapy areas
    Oncology, respiratory, and vaccines4
    HIV and metabolism3
    Cardiovascular, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology1
Development phase of experimental product
    Phase II8
    Phase III10
    Phase IV6†
Hospitals’ sizes in which the MCT were to be performed
    >1000 beds17
    500–1000 beds32
    <500 beds36‡