Table 5

Results of univariate logistic regressions on type of trigger response

TermABOR*Prob >P2
Moderately significant terms are in bold.
*Odds ratios >1 indicate that physicians in group A were more likely to request an ethics consultation for conflict or distress reasons.
†Physicians in the 10–19 year group were excluded from this analysis.
Years in practice†20 or moreLess than 1010.997
Race/ethnicity White Other 0.49 0.08
Community size (within 20 miles) >500 000 ≤500 000 0.55 0.056
Additional degreesYesNo0.880.746
Country of birthUSAOther1.30.412
Training in USA All of it Not all of it 1.74 0.119
Practice typeSolo/group practiceUniversity/military/Hospital/resident0.980.953
Medical school facultyYesNo1.230.501
% reimbursement from managed care>30%≤30%1.30.428
Private or public hospitalPrivatePublic0.930.815
Profit or non-for-profitProfitNot-for-profit0.990.982
Teaching center affiliatedYesNo0.890.723
Patient beds>300<3001.230.517
Bioethics rounds attended 6 or more 5 or less 0.57 0.093
Attended bioethics conferenceYesNo0.910.77
Ever member of bioethics committeeYesNo0.970.931
Ties with current members of ethics committeeYesNo10.997
Recent situation included end-of-life issuesYesNo0.920.828