Table 2

Factors that trigger ethics consultation requests

Note: Results add up to more than 100% because 2 category codes were applied to some responses. Responses of “don't remember,” (which comprised 4.7%), uninterpretable responses (02.6%), and other explanations (2.6%) were omitted from the table.
Category 1
Wants help resolving a conflict6634.6
Wants help interacting with a difficult patient or family1910.0
Has emotional trigger178.9
Category 2
Wants help in making a decision or planning care2513.1
Has regulatory/legal/administrative reasons157.9
Repeats previously described ethical problem126.3
Wants help thinking through ethical issues84.2
Someone else requested the ethics consultation73.7
Wants assistance with communication63.1
Has concern about the fairness of a decision process or procedural issue42.1
Anticipates a bad situation21.1