Table 1

Recent ethical dilemmas that have led to ethics consultation requests

Note: Results add up to more than 100% because up to three category codes were applied to responses. Responses of “don't know,” “no,” (which comprised 5%) and uninterpretable responses (0.5%) were omitted from the table.
End-of-life issues (futility, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment, etc)15474.0
Patient autonomy (decisions made on behalf of patient)11957.2
Conflict (between or among involved persons)8239.4
Other (includes genetics, abortion, substance abuse)136.3
Religious and cultural issues115.3
Professional conduct (questions about possible misconduct)94.3
Truth-telling and confidentiality63.0
Justice issues (insurance, managed care and fair access to health care21.0
Beneficence (the best way to promote the patient's welfare)21.0