Table 1

By their own account: whether officials ‘would take’ or ‘had taken’ gifts

Would accept money or an expensive present, if offered
as token of thanks / impolite to refuse %could not afford to refuse %Total %
Nurses 919**28*
Hospital administrators14*1226*
All officials 8 917
Had recently accepted:
only a small present %something more %Total %
1. This and subsequent tables are based on a total of 1,307 interviews with junior officials and state employees, including 85 with hospital doctors, 125 with nurses and 82 with hospital administrators.
2. In this and subsequent tables a single asterisk (*) indicates a statistically significant difference from the average for all other officials (taken together) at the 95% level. A double asterisk (**) indicates a statistically significant difference at the 99% level. Significance levels have been calculated in the conventional way using SPSS. Strictly speaking such significance levels should not be applied to quota samples but they may none the less be a useful heuristic guide.
Nurses74** 276**
Hospital administrators6010*70*
All officials53 558