Table 3

 Open ambivalent potential donors

Donor numberDecisionVerbalised anxietiesPresent situationRecipient diseaseRelationship with recipient
2Doubts, “because recipient might die during the operation”“Like to work”; “next year time for retirement”Alcoholic cirrhosis
4“Decision taking a long time, nerves have suffered”“Am very afraid; I’m unsettled because I don’t know how things are going to go”Unemployed; “all year the situation was very tense”Gall duct atresia“Whenever he was in pain, I always got sick”; “we have not seen each other often”
15“Agreed right away, didn’t hesitate a minute”; “but there are also reasons not to go through with it”Not able to lift heavy things for six months after operation; may not find a jobTrained as a mechanic, presently unemployed; “am often at my parents place”Alcoholic cirrhosis
17“My decision is open”“Am afraid; I don’t know what may happen during the operation”Employed with an insurance company; “living in a happy relationship”Alcoholic cirrhosis“Relationship not good”; “always have the feeling she has something against me”