Table 2

 Relationship between donors and recipients

Donor numberDescription of relationshipAssessment of relationshipCriticism in relationshipProspects for relationship
1We’ve been together for 11 yearsRegard relationship as “very stable”1. Not possible to “talk over any problems with him” 2. He didn’t keep away from alcoholPerhaps prospects of marriage
3I live at home; the mother-son relationship is more pronounced with us than the mother-daughter relationship“Contact is very strong”Will remain a “very close relationship”
4He has been in hospital for 6 months; “whenever he was in pain, I always got sick”“We haven’t seen each other often”I’d be closer to him if I donated
5We give each other strength; “we can’t get along without each other”“Our relationship is certainly close”Relationship will be even closer after donation
6Was shocked when I saw her, afraid she’s going to die“Fabulous relationship”“Don’t have to go shopping alone”
7Married for 35 years nowWe have had “a very good marriage”
8Live 25 km apart, talk on the phone every day“Contact is actually very good”
9Seen him three times in recent weeks“He likes me to be around him”Earlier, “often sudden rages,” but positive change since he has been dryWant to have a good relationship to father
10“We don’t live far apart; I see parents twice a week”“My ties to my mother are actually very strong”“Have quarrels now and then”Maybe fewer quarrels
11“Very good relationship” to son
12Close inner relationship to son“He is a part, that belongs to me and my family”Maybe he’ll be grateful to me
13“Have led a fine family life”“Very good marriage”Grow old together
14Relationship has changed since tumour diagnosed“We’ve never been a couple that was always ‘close together’”1. “Always had to go on vacation alone” 2. “Had to take far more consideration”Go bicycling or hiking together again
16Live a couple 100 km away“No close inner relationship”“Don’t have that much contact”Maybe relationship will grow a little more intimate
17“Always have the feeling she has something against me”“Relationship not good”1. “Never know when she’s telling the truth” 2. “Not pleased when I come for a visit”
19Comes to us for dinner“Very good relationship” to sonMaybe he’ll come more often to visit
20“We don’t see each other often because he lives in Berlin”Relationship to father “was good before”Maybe my father will be grateful