Table 1

Published reports of dental iatrogenic HBV infection

Clinical infectionsLookback exercise
Year & ReferencePlaceDental HCW(s) statuscases (n)ratecases (n)rate Procedures undertakenComments
*Not estimated.
†No lookback / case finding exercise or serological survey undertaken.
‡3 clinical cases discovered by matching reported clinical hepatitis cases to dentist's patient list plus 4 original cases.
197211Baltimore, USA.2 dentists: acutely ill: HBsAg +, HBeAg n.k.13*General dentistry.No gloves, cut hands once or twice per month.
197628Los Angeles, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.3*43*General dentistry.Resumed practice wearing gloves. One further case. Barred from practice thereafter.
197729Pennsylvania, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.551:400Extractions.Probable transmission from cuts on fingers. Resumed practice after HBcAb developed, wearing gloves. No further cases identified
197830Baltimore, USA.Acute illness, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.3*61:66Extractions and dental surgery.Resumed practice while HBeAg positive, wearing gloves. No further cases identified.
197931Connecticut, USA.Acute illness, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.123% to 11%386.7% to 31%>80% extractions.Dentist had eczema of hands and did not wear gloves. Attack rates varied with time. Left practice.
198032Atlanta, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.3*101.8%Not stated.Resumed practice, wearing gloves.
198333Washington state, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.40.11%7‡*General dentistry.Resumed practice while a carrier, wearing gloves. No further cases identified.
198512Indiana, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.9 (2 died)*243.2%General dentistry.“Obsessive hand scrubber”, no gloves used. Dentist had had HBV vaccination.
198634New Hampshire, USA.Chronic carrier, HBsAg +, HBeAg +.4*Multiple ExtractionsDid not wear gloves but scrubbed hands between cases.