Table 1

 Results of the questionnaire to next of kin of intensive care patients

Yes (%)No (%)
Do you believe that the relatives currently have the legal right to make healthcare decisions on behalf of an adult patient when (s)he is unable to make these for him/herself?88 (88)12 (12)
Has the patient ever discussed his/her preferences for life-sustaining treatment with you?13 (13)87 (87)
Do you accept his/her decisions12 (12)1 (1)
Have you heard of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act?10 (10)90 (90)
Would you feel confident to act as a proxy for (patient name) with your present knowledge of his/her wishes?84 (84)16 (16)
Have you ever discussed your preferences for life-sustaining treatment should you become critically ill?22 (22)78 (78)
Have you heard of Advanced Directives also known as ‘living wills’?49 (49)51 (51)
Have you ever considered writing a ‘living will’?11 (11)89 (89)
Would you consider writing a ‘living will’?65 (65)35 (35)