Table 1

Demographic information on authors and editors who completed the survey (respondents) or did not, but returned a postcard containing demographics (non-respondents)

Demographic categoryRespondents (N=71)Non-respondents (N=11)Respondents (N=64)Non-respondents (N=9)
*At least 10% of respondents did not answer the question.
†Nationality was based on the country listed as the mailing address of the author or editor. English-speaking nations in our sample included Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and USA.
‡Respondents were asked to select all categories that applied.
    Mean (SD)59 (9.2)*61 (4.4)*44 (6.0)47 (8.5)*
    English-speaking nation100%100%72%78%
Primary work activities‡
    Clinical care53%25%*73%75%*
Personal publications, last 5 years
    Median number23*9*2015*