Table 3

 Information required before participating in a community based study (n = 35)

Information requestedFrequency (%)
Multiple responses possible, percentages total >100.
What (disease) are you studying and why?28 (80)
What authority do you have/where are you from?5 (14.3)
Effects and side effects of drug/vaccine4 (11.4)
Who is responsible/where can the person be found in case of a side/adverse effect?3 (8.6)
Would there be any gain from taking the drug/vaccine?2 (5.7)
Do you give an assurance that you will help me later in time of need if I cooperate with you in the trial?2 (5.7)
Will participation be financially remunerative?1 (2.9)
Will I be informed of illness if found in blood sample?1 (2.9)
Will I be given treatment if a disease is found in my blood sample?1 (2.9)