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published between 2013 and 2016

  • Asking the Right Autonomy Question about Genomic Tests
    Effy Vayena

    Eline Bunnik's comment(1) concludes with the observation that not all existing direct-to-consumer genetic tests enhance the autonomy of their consumers, not if autonomy is understood in the Razian sense employed in my article.(2) This is a demanding sense of autonomy, one that requires the presence of an adequate range of valuable options from which to choose. Bunnik's conclusion is difficult to disagree with, but that's...

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    Debashish Danda

    Cannot agree more than this title. This "Live and Let die" attitude is probably highest amongst doctors, whether in academic or non academic set up. You send a manuscript for publication; You will find a jealous reviewer colleague (often donot even know you personally, but have competing interest) will turn it down as "reject" only to publish his similar work in a short time by clever means of planted peer review. So, "o...

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  • Neuberger review evidence
    J Logan

    You seem to have based your article on the evidence contained in the Neuberger Review [NR]. I note myself with some dismay that the actual evidence submitted to it was never published in full (names redacted of course), so we'll never know what complaints were actually received or considered by this panel. John Ellershaw (who wrote the LCP) was permitted to use his complaints databases in Liverpool as examples, accord...

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  • ' Good Death'?
    Dr Logan

    Since the first version was published in 2003, up until the LCP renal prescribing guidelines were issued in 2008, versions of the Liverpool Care Pathway issued to staff in Acute Hospitals mandated the use of Diamorphine for relief of both 'pain' and 'breathlessness'.

    Administering these drugs to anyone in renal compromise must have led to thousands of appalling and undiginified bad deaths - delirium and hallucinati...

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  • Which version of Liverpool Care Pathway are you referring to?
    Dr C Probst

    Seems odd that you gloss over the fact that there were two versions of this copyright-owned 'care' pathway, and that you only cite 'evidence' from a review that examined only one of them, whilst neatly skirting around the other.

    Version 11 had no consent process attached. Version 11 did not even inquire whether the patient and their family could speak English until after a decision to put them on the pathway had...

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  • Forced circumcision of children also unethical
    Robert Darby

    This is a very telling paper, for if it is true that forced circumcision of an adult male is a violation of his human rights, it must follow that forced circumcision of a male minor - a boy or an infant - is a violation of his human rights and equally wrong. The age at which it is done does not matter - as you can see from a simple thought experiment.

    It is held by many people in Australia and the United States...

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  • Moral Enhancement
    Dhastagir Sheriff

    Technology they say is manipulation of Nature. It is now the time for manipulation of behavior and even morality. Drugs will make in future a more morally responsible person. Exogenous chemicals will influence human behavior. Science and scientific inquiry seem to touch areas that are sensitive for manipulation.

    Morality is developed behavior through family, culture and customs. It is spontaneous and not drug in...

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  • Re:Circumcision of males lessens female pleasure
    sean N. Brown

    Dear Patricia

    I fear that male circumcision will never be seen as equivalent in harm to female circumcision in the eyes of Americans. In places such as America where circumcison has become the rule as opposed to the exception, cultural conditioning will always dictate morals instead of ethics. As you said in your letter, many circumcised men will never know the pleasures of being intact.However despite this kno...

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  • The Universality of Human Rights
    George Hill

    Mazor proposes to deny core human rights to boys born into Jewish homes on the basis of their birth and sex, which is a violation of core principles of international human rights law.1

    The universality of human rights is a core principle - that everyone has the same human rights without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin,...

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  • Re:Response to nursing persuasion to obtain consent
    Alan R Dester

    Any adult who is competent can refuse ANY treatment regardless of the consequences, even death, and there is absolutely nothing any medical person can do about it. If they try they will be in front of the medical council and also in court for battery. It's about time medical "professionals" ralised they are not important and it is not about them. We pay their wages and we decide what happens to us, noone else.

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