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  • PNAJ: please, no abbreviations in Journal
    Neville W Goodman


    Could I make a request of the newly installed editor, whose first editorial is titled 'Future directions of the journal'? A direction I would not wish to see is towards more and more abbreviations. They serve little purpose other than to save printer's ink. [1] Looking through volume 27, issue 3, there are a number of abbreviations better replaced by the parent phrase or a contraction of it. Embryonic and f...

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  • the meaning of mind
    David Herman

    Dear Editor,

    Prof. Fulford endorsed Dr. Thomas Szasz's book THE MEANING OF MIND:

    "Within the broad church of anti-psychiatry, Thomas Szasz has been foremost in challenging a narrowly biological conception of human nature. Provocative, thoughtful, and highly readable, The Meaning of Mind extends his arguments to the bleak redunctionism implicit in modern neuroscience. This is a timely stand against what C....

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  • The strict meaning of 'disease'
    David Herman

    Dr. Mortimer J. Adler says:

    "It is clear that in the strict meaning of 'disease' only the body can suffer lesions; the intellect as such cannot be diseased, though it can be affected by a diseased body."

    This supports Dr. Thomas Szasz's interpretation of mental illness as a metaphor.

    Adler, M.J. 1937. WHAT MAN HAS MADE OF MAN, page 204

    Szasz, T.S. 1961 THE MYTH OF MENTAL ILLNESS...

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