154 e-Letters

published between 2003 and 2006

  • Consent and choice
    Marion A Chester

    Dear Editor

    I read 'Why we should not seek individual informed consent for participation in health services research' with weary disbelief. The arguement made by the authors that UK citizens are members of the NHS and as such are required to give up their medical records and choice about whether to particpiate in research, displays a lack of understanding about the citizen's relationship to the NHS.

    The id...

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  • Gender balance and sex equality: Author's response to the letter by Frances H. Rushworth
    B. M. Dickens

    Dear Editor

    Injustice and oppression lie in prohibition not for birth of a first child, but of a second or later child.

    B.M. Dickens

  • Gender balance and sex equality
    Frances H Rushworth

    Dear Editor

    Without intervention, a small preponderance of female over male infants will be born, and female children will have a slightly higher chance of living to maturity. Thereafter, the female population will decline relatively sharply in consequence of death in childbirth. Historical evidence indicates that throughout the recorded history of Britain, there was a relative scarcity of women and men dominated...

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  • Baffled
    Dileep M Bagnall

    Dear Editor

    I must disagree with the view that there is no substantial difference between the withdrawal of a gastrostomy tube and the prescribing of drugs to end an life. I see no ethical or compassionate dimension in allowing slow starvation. To administer a measured overdose of Morphine, or such, is much kinder. The person dies with dignity and in the minimum of pain.

    How passive killing with no regard to co...

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