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Report from France
  1. François Régnier,
  2. Jean-Marc Rouzioux
  1. Département de Recherche Clinique, Laboratories D'Etudes et Recherches Synthelabo, Paris
  2. Faculté de Médecine Alexis Carrel, Lyon

    Contemporary aspects of medical ethics in France


    The authors consider four aspects of contemporary medical ethics in France: abortion and contraception; artificial insemination; suicide and euthanasia, and drug trials on healthy human volunteers, and then outline the various ethical codes which apply to French doctors. Many in France who accept technological progress are unwilling or unable to acknowledge the impact upon medical ethics of this progress. The conflict is epitomised by the new role being demanded from the doctor. Where formerly he was regarded as the guardian of traditional values today he is urged to adapt, to change, to take account of the technological innovations in medicine. `In such a situation,' the authors ask, `how is it possible to avoid a feeling of uneasiness?'

    • French medical ethics
    • technological innovation
    • medical ethics

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    Contemporary aspects of medical ethics in France