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On the importance of consistency: a response to Giubilini et al


Giubilini et al offer some helpful reflections on the conscientious provision of medical care and whether and in what circumstances professional associations ought to support the conscientious provision of abortion in circumstances where abortion is banned or heavily restricted. I have several reservations, however, about the argument developed in the article. First, the essay makes questionable use of the case of Savita Halappanavar to justify its central argument about conscientious provision. Second, there is an apparent inconsistency between this article and the authors’ statements elsewhere about the conscientious refusal of care. Third, there are risks that attend to professional associations supporting practitioners who break the law, and yet Giubilini et al do not give sufficient attention to this. This response will briefly discuss these three concerns.

  • Abortion - Induced
  • Conscientious Refusal to Treat
  • Civil Rights
  • Professional Misconduct

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