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Helmets or not? Use science correctly
  1. Paul Trégouët
  1. Correspondence to Dr Paul Trégouët, Centre Audomarois de Recherche Biomécanique, 22 rue des Epéers, Saint Omer 62500, France; paul.tregouet{at}


In a recent article, Hooper and Spicer make several arguments against legislation that would mandate the use of bicycle helmets. While they present reasonable objections to the utilitarian as well as the justice defence of such legislation, their review of the empirical evidence contains inaccuracies, omissions and a bias in the selection of empirical data. While there are legitimate reasons to argue against mandating helmet legislation, these arguments should still be based on clinically and scientifically sound evidence.

  • Research Ethics
  • Scientific Research
  • Statistics

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