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A software platform to analyse the ethical issues of electronic patient privacy policy: the S3P example
  1. M A Mizani,
  2. N Baykal
  1. Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  1. Mehrdad A Mizani, Informatics Institute, MM Building, METU, Inonu Blvd, Ankara, Turkey 06531; mehrdad{at}


Paper-based privacy policies fail to resolve the new changes posed by electronic healthcare. Protecting patient privacy through electronic systems has become a serious concern and is the subject of several recent studies. The shift towards an electronic privacy policy introduces new ethical challenges that cannot be solved merely by technical measures. Structured Patient Privacy Policy (S3P) is a software tool assuming an automated electronic privacy policy in an electronic healthcare setting. It is designed to simulate different access levels and rights of various professionals involved in healthcare in order to assess the emerging ethical problems. The authors discuss ethical issues concerning electronic patient privacy policies that have become apparent during the development and application of S3P.

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  • Abbreviations:
    electronic health record
    health care organisation
    Structured Patient Privacy Policy