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The Olivieri debacle: where were the heroes of bioethics? A Reply
  1. M Rowell
  1. The Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute, St Michael’s College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada;

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    In her reply to Baylis the author takes the opportunity to “clarify, and in some cases to correct, some facts”

    I am pleased to see Dr Baylis’s article relating to the Olivieri case at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. I thank her for the many facets of that case that she has articulated. Nonetheless, as the bioethicist most closely connected with the case at the clinical level I would like to take this opportunity to clarify, and in some cases to correct, some facts.

    Dr Baylis entitles her section on the role of bioethics as “Stories of silence”. I differ from this view. Perhaps the stories are less stories of silence than stories to which others have not listened.

    I wish to make it quite clear that I have always supported Dr Olivieri and her colleagues in their actions with respect to the research that is at the centre of this case. I have been public in my support and I continue to be so.

    My departure from the Hospital for Sick Children was in no way caused by the Olivieri case. I was offered a challenging position at another Ontario …

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