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Patients with protracted pain: A survey conducted at The London Hospital
  1. Jennifer M Hunt,
  2. Thelma D Stollar,
  3. David W Littlejohns,
  4. Robert G Twycross,
  5. Duncan W Vere
  1. The London Hospital and the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, The London Hospital Medical College


    Physical pain has always been part of human experience, and throughout history it is recorded that doctors and wise men and women have sought to ease pain. The attitudes of those suffering pain, however, have varied from stoical acceptance to sullen endurance. Today, most people consciously seek to avoid pain or to have their pain eased, although they do not always expect what in fact appears to be possible. This study of 13 patients with protracted pain was carried out at The London Hospital by a professional group to see how patients regarded their own pain and the efforts of doctors and nurses to relieve it. The attitudes of the doctors and nurses were also studied, and the results, despite the limitations of the survey, suggest that: [List: see text]

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