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The Reproduction Revolution–A Christian Appraisal of Sexuality, Reproductive Technologies and the Family
  1. Gordon M Stirrat
  1. Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol

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    Edited by John F Kilner, Paige C Cunningham and W David Hager, Grand Rapids Michigan, William B Eardmans Publishing Company, 2000, 290 pages, $20, £12.99.

    In their preface to this book, the editors rightly state that “few social or technological developments in history have captivated people's imagination or raised more ethical questions than today's reproduction revolution”. The authors then set that revolution in a wider context from which it is all too easily divorced today, namely the nature and meaning of sexuality and the fundamental importance of the family. As a “Christian appraisal” it is a useful apologia pro vita sua for those of us who share this credo. It also sets down a clear and consistent ethical position for all interested in the field.

    It never pretends that the issues are simple and straightforward. I, for example, …

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