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European Master in Bioethics

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The next European Master in Bioethics course, a postgraduate programme designed to meet the needs of health care professionals who want to combine in-depth study of bioethical issues with their current professional work, begins in March 2002 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The course runs for two years and there are four residential sessions: March 2002 in Nijmegen, September 2002 in Basel, Switzerland, March 2003 in Leuven, Belgium and September 2003 in Padova, Italy.

The course fee is 15,000 Euro.

Every application should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the candidate's reasons for choosing to apply for the programme.

For further information contact either Katrien Ruytjens: tel: + 32 16 33 69 51; fax: + 32 16 33 69 52; email: Katrien.ruytjens{at}; or Inez Uerz: tel: + 31 24 361 53 20; fax: + 31 24 354 02 54; email: i.uerz{at}

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