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Practical Decision Making in Health Care Ethics: Cases and Concepts
  1. Heather Draper
  1. Centre for Biomedical Ethics, University of Birmingham

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    Raymond J Devettere, Washington DC, Georgetown University Press, 2000, 639 pages, £25.25, $35.

    My colleagues and I in Birmingham are always on the lookout for an undergraduate textbook for our medical students, which was why I agreed to review this book. By and large it is pitched at an undergraduate audience and covers many of the areas that one might expect to find in a UK undergraduate medical course (consent, making decisions for the incompetent, end-of-life issues, beginning-of-life issues, research, transplantation and medical genetics). It also has a chapter on managed care, which is less relevant to a UK audience but is interesting none the less. (The case study for the chapter on James Adams who, it is alleged, lost both his hands and feet as a …

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