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Ethics Codes in Medicine—Foundations and Achievements of Codifications since 1947
  1. Søren Holm
  1. Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics, University of Manchester & Centre for Medical Ethics, University of Oslo

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    Edited by Ulrich Tröhler and Stella Reiter-Theil, Aldershot, Ashgate, 1998, 357 pages, £39.95

    This book is a collection of essays which originate from two, mainly European, workshops in 1996 on ethics codes before, and especially after, the appearance of the Nuremberg code in 1947. The book has previously been published in German, and a number of contributions have been translated from the original German and French manuscripts.

    The majority of the 26 papers cover the development of ethics codes from the Hippocratic oath to the present time, but some papers look at possible codes for new areas such as predictive medicine and resource allocation in health care, …

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