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That's another story: narrative methods and ethical practice
  1. Alex M Carson
  1. North-East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Plas Coch, Wrexham


    This paper examines the use of case studies in ethics education. While not dismissing their value for specific purposes, the paper shows the limits of their use. While agreeing that case studies are narratives, although rather thin stories, the paper argues that the claim that case studies could represent reality is difficult to sustain. Instead, the paper suggests a way of using stories in ethics teaching that could be more real for students, while also giving them a way of thinking about their own professional practices. The paper shows how the method can be used to develop a more critical and reflective practice for students in the health care professions. Some immediate problems with the method are discussed.

    • Case study
    • narrative
    • reflexivity
    • identity
    • ethical practice

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    • Alex M Carson, RN, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in Sociology/Ethics, Faculty of Health and Community Studies, North-East Wales Institute of Higher Education, Plas Coch, Wrexham.

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