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Randomised clinical trials: a source of ethical dilemmas
  1. Fernando Verdú-Pascual,
  2. Ana Castelló-Ponce
  1. University of Valencia, Spain


    Advances in medicine are closely linked to clinical research, but certain study procedures may be in conflict with the fundamental principles of ethics and codes of conduct in medicine. Following an analysis of two studies involving treatments for acute myocardial infarction (AMI), the admissibility of continuing a study was questioned after the initial results for two types of treatment showed that one was significantly better than the other. Also considered doubtful was the information provided to patients with the object of obtaining their informed consent.

    • Clinical trial
    • randomisation
    • medical ethics

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    • Fernando Verdú-Pascual, MD, PhD, is Professor of Legal Medicine, the University of Valencia, Spain. Ana Castelló-Ponce, PhD, Sci, is a Biochemist in the Department of Legal Medicine, College of Medicine and Odontology, at the same university.

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