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Commercial predictive testing: the desirability of one overseeing body
  1. Rogeer Hoedemaekers
  1. School of Medical Sciences, KUN Nijmegen, the Netherlands


    In Europe a process of harmonisation of standards and regulations on genetic testing has started. Public discussion and consultation are recommended, but it is not clear in every European country how the decision making process as regards the further introduction of genetic testing services should be formed. In this paper the usefulness and importance of an overseeing body for genetic screening and testing is founded on four lines of reasoning: (1) analysis of the role of value judgments in the use of the concept of (genetic) abnormality; (2) a balancing of potential benefits for all parties involved; (3) a balancing of potential disadvantages, and (4) the greater availability of commercial genetic tests in the future. It is further argued that such an overseeing body has advantages for all the interested parties.

    • Genetic testing
    • commercialisation
    • normality
    • overseeing body

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    • Rogeer Hoedemaekers is Research Fellow in the Department of Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, KUN Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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