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Law and Medical Practice: Rights, Duties, Claims and Defences
  1. Max Charlesworth
  1. Author of Bioethics in a Liberal Society, Cambridge University Press, 1997, and co-founder of the Australian Bioethics Association

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    Loane Skene, Sydney, Butterworths, 1998, 299 pages, A$ 54.

    The interdisciplinary conjunction between law, medicine and ethics has been a notable development over the last twenty or thirty years, particularly in the UK and common law countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Many law schools in Australia now have flourishing centres and institutes where law and medicine and ethics are brought into dialogue with each other and there are also a number of statutory bodies serving the same purpose. Monash University in Melbourne, for example, has been the home of the Centre for Human Bioethics under the guidance of Professor Peter …

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