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Medicine and Humanity: Lectures and Debates

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Throughout 2000 Kings College London Medical School will stage a series of Medicine and Humanity lectures and debates at Southwark Cathedral in London.

The first two speakers, on Health and Justice, were Kenneth Minogue, Professor of Political Science at LSE and Julian Tudor Hart, Visiting Professor of General Practice, University College, London.

On March 9 Lord Winston and Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, lectured on Staying Human; on April 13 the speakers, on the subject of Personal Freedom or Public Health?, will be Bruce Charlton, of Newcastle School of Medicine and Peter Budett, Director of the Institute of Public Health, North West University, Chicago, USA; the topic discussed on June 8 will be Culture, Conformity and Mental Health and the speakers will be Jonathan Glover, Professor of Medical Ethics, Kings College London and Kay Redfield Jamison, Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University, USA; on October 5 Bert Keizer, a Physician from the Netherlands and author of Dancing with Death, and the Rt Reverend Rowan Williams, Bishop of Monmouth, will speak on Living Well, Dying Well. The final topic, on November 16, will be Health in the City. Speakers are David Harvey, Professor of Geography, University of Oxford, and Julian Le Grand, Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, LSE.

For more information contact: Colin B Slee, Provost. Tel: 0171 367 6700; fax: 0171 367 6725; email: cathedral{at}