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Review of the teaching of medical ethics in London medical schools.
  1. S J Burling,
  2. J S Lumley,
  3. L S McCarthy,
  4. J A Mytton,
  5. J A Nolan,
  6. P Sissou,
  7. D G Williams,
  8. L J Wright
  1. St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.


    The study examined the influence of the Pond Report on the teaching of medical ethics in the London medical schools. A questionnaire was given to both medical students and college officers. All medical colleges reported that ethics was included in the curriculum. However, from students' replies, it seems that attendance of optional courses is low and that not all current final year medical students have had any formal teaching in medical ethics. Stronger guidelines are necessary to ensure appropriate ethical training in London medical schools.

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