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Is it acceptable for medical professionals to kiss paediatric patients?
  1. Yassar Abdullah S Alamri
  1. Correspondence to Yassar Abdullah S Alamri, New Zealand Brain Research Institute, 66 Stewart Street, Central Christchurch, Christchurch, Canterbury 8011, New Zealand; yasao{at}


It is human nature, perhaps more so for doctors and nurses, to comfort children in distress. Unfortunately, however, necessary medical procedures carried out by healthcare providers (eg, venipuncture) can often result in pain and discomfort, which may in turn cause the provider a degree of guilt and distress. Is it ever acceptable to comfort a paediatric patient with a kiss? This essay examines the literature published on this subject reflecting on a recent encounter with a patient.

  • Children
  • Newborns and Minors
  • Paediatrics

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