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Can claims for `wrongful life' be justified?
  1. Gary E Jones,
  2. Clifton Perry
  1. Department of Philosophy, University of San Diego, Auburn, Alabama
  2. Department of Philosophy, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama


    The authors reject arguments by Professor Joseph Fletcher (author of Situation Ethics) that in some circumstances parents may be held responsible for producing genetically defective offspring, but offer arguments of their own for the same conclusion. Their arguments could, they suggest, justify `wrongful life' claims by the genetically defective infant against the mother.

    While researching this paper both authors were postdoctoral fellows in medical ethics in the Program on Human Values and Ethics at the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences.

    • Genetic defect
    • genetic screening
    • wrongful life
    • human reproduction
    • rights
    • previleges
    • medical ethics
    • eugenics

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